Utility Engineering and Mapping

Meshek & Associates, LLC’s Utility Engineering expertise involves:

  • Water, Sewer, and Storm Infrastructure Design
  • Construction Inspections Services

Our ultimate goal is to provide both cost-effective and timely construction of these much needed system upgrades.  This often requires us to be able to coordinate between regulatory and funding agencies, municipal and private utility companies across jurisdictional and service boundaries, and with multiple landowners.


Our extensive project experience includes:

  • The City of Piedmont

Design of over 2 miles of 24-inch diameter sewer and nearly 1/2 mile of force-main.  The new system, totaling nearly $2.5 million, enables the transport of wastewater to Oklahoma City for treatment.

  • The City of Bixby

Design of over 2 miles of waterline ranging in diameter from 8 to 12 inches.  The work included coordination with multiple landowners and utility services.

  • The City of Tulsa

Various Utility Relocation projects as part of street rehabilitation.


Meshek offers over 25 years of experience in the design and construction of municipal utilities. Our team of Engineers is complimented by trained and certified Right-of-Way and Surveying Professionals, able and ready to assist every facet of your utility project.

Above: Setting a valve.


Below: Piedmont Sewer Project construction documents required coordination with numerous government and utility agencies.