Victor Street Rehabilitation

In 2008, Meshek was contracted to prepare construction plans and estimates for the reconstruction of streets in the vicinity of 16th Street South and Victor Avenue in Tulsa, OK.


An established midtown neighborhood with homes constructed prior to Work War II, the work site presented many challenges. While replacing the waterlines and roadways, Meshek had to consider all existing conditions:

  • Narrow Street Right-of-Way
  • Large, Mature Trees
  • Maintaining Services to all Residents in the area

The waterlines were constructed using polyethylene pipe placed by directional boring.


This was the first project of its type in the City of Tulsa and was completed on time and within the budget.


Project Estimate
Construction Cost: $30,000
Notable aspects of the design include the preparation of reconstruction plans and estimates, and new polyethylene waterlines placed by directional boring.