Storm Sewer Inventory and Condition Assessment

Storm Sewers are an essential, but largely hidden, infrastructure component. Numerous are decades old and nearing the end of their service life. Many municipalities are unprepared for these expirations as they lack:

  • Complete inventory of assets
  • Knowledge of the condition of assets

In September 2015, the City of Tulsa contracted Meshek & Associates to:

  • Convert the existing storm sewer database into Local Government Information Model (LGIM)
  • Develop a methodology for rating conditions
  • Inventory/Field Verify location and condition of storm sewer assets

After extensive research based on similar projects performed for other municipalities, the Meshek Team devised an approach to meet the City’s needs:

  • Verify/Update inlet and manhole locations
  • Collect characteristic data on each structure
  • Obtain size and invert measurements of pipes entering and exiting the structures
  • Evaluate conditions in accordance with the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) condition assessment industry standard

After completing each basin, Meshek analyzes the collected data and assigns a rating to each manhole, inlet, and pipe. This determines which structures are in the worst condition and allows the City to prioritize future storm sewer improvement projects.


Resources Used
Hardware: Tablets (iPads)
Software: Collector for ArcGIS
Dedicated GIS Survey Vehicle
Confined Space Certified Equipment and Personnel