Silver Creek Stormwater Mitigation

Following the construction of a new residential development in the City of Owasso, local flooding issues prompted concerned homeowners to seek assistance from City officials. In 2003, the City of Owasso commissioned Meshek to perform the Silver Creek Drainage Study. The scope of services included the review of engineering as-built drawings and drainage computations, as well as the development of a new hydrologic and hydraulic model to assess system performance. This evaluation concluded that previous studies underestimated runoff volumes by 600 percent, resulting in the design and construction of a vastly inadequate drainage system.


In June of 2005, the City of Owasso approved a two-phase plan for the construction of the Silver Creek Drainage Improvements.


Phase I included work necessary to mitigate existing excess flows:

  • Stormwater Piping Improvements (new 36-inch and 24-inch systems) throughout the Bradfords and Willows subdivisions
  • Improvements to the Village Pond

Phase II included:

  • Excavation and Grading of a 44 acre-feet Detention Pond, complete with outlet structure and associated piping
  • A Structure to Convey the previously uncontrolled flow

The new detention facility was sized to accommodate mitigation and future development flows, thereby serving as a regional facility. The total cost for construction of Phase I and Phase II improvements, including engineering design, was $1,300,000. Investments, totaling $600,000, were contributed by the private sector towards the construction of the new detention facility. This facility now functions not only to resolve previous flooding issues, but also as a recreational amenity to residents of the area.


Project Estimate
Construction Cost: $1,300,000
Notable aspects of the design include stormwater piping improvements, development of collection structures, and design aesthetics.