51st & Garnett Intersection Improvements

In 2011, the City of Tulsa contracted Meshek & Associates to provide survey, design, and construction estimates for the reconstruction of the intersection of East 51st Street South and South Garnett Avenue. Because of the fat clay soil and poor drainage, the pavement was showing significant damage – the intersection had severely faulted pavement panels and a broken curb.


Our goal was to improve only that portion of the pavement where replacement was necessary, while preserving areas that were in satisfactory condition. The project consisted of construction over a reinforced concrete bridge type box with minimal cover. Shallow cover and poor backfill conditions required some over-excavation of yielding soil and replacement with stable, compacted soil.


Redesign of the intersection included elimination of the raised center median, upgraded ADA compliance with cross-walks and accessible cross-walk traffic controls, and new traffic signals for improved turning movements.


Key elements of the project required:

  • Improvement of the sub-grade conditions to provide a stable base for the Portland Cement Concrete street
  • Over-excavation and fill replacement for fast completion for each section
  • The design of doweled sections for improved wheel load transfer across pavement sections

Detailed construction phasing diagrams were required to maintain traffic without street closures throughout the duration of the project.


Project Estimate
Construction Cost: $1,250,000
Notable aspects of the design include continued traffic accessibility throughout construction, improved wheel load transfer, and upgraded ADA compliance.