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Civil & Water Resource Engineering / Geographic Information Systems

Meshek & Associates, PLC provides specialized hydrology and hydraulic modeling, engineering design and construction management services for communities across Oklahoma and Texas, including roadway and utility design. Over the last two decades, we have completed countless stormwater drainage studies, designed specialized GIS programs, and assisted in the design and construction of numerous civil improvement projects both small and large. Dedicated to exceeding client expectations, we believe in mastering the best technologies available and expertly applying them to client project needs. Meshek & Associates continued...

Get to know Janet Meshek, PE, CFM Founder & President of Meshek & Associates, PLC


Janet K. Meshek, founder and president of Meshek & Associates, PLC, chose engineering as her career more than 25 years ago and remains convinced she's doing what she was meant to do. Janet specializes in the planning, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and design of storm drainage systems, floodplain management, and flood control projects. She has served as an expert witness in numerous drainage-related litigation cases.

"I've always had a passion for helping people & communities... specializing in floodplain management allows me to do both at the same time."

- Janet Meshek on why she chose water resource engineering as a career