Community Resilience Planning

Meshek & Associates, LLC can help your community plan for the future by using the best information available for decision-making. Planning for resilience will allow your community to make a plan and execute it. For over 25 years, communities throughout Oklahoma have relied on Meshek’s experience to create safer, more resilient communities through a variety of services to plan, prioritize, prepare, prevent, and rebound.


Meshek also offers services, such as Stormwater Quality and No Adverse Impact, to encourage ecofriendly responsible growth and an improved quality of life for your community.


Meshek can make your community action ready through the following services:

  • Hazard Mitigation Planning
    An approved Plan is required for eligibility for federal disaster grants.
  • Stormwater Utility Funding
    A dedicated utility fee can fund plans, flood and drainage improvements, stormwater quality, maintenance, staff, and equipment.
  • Master Drainage Planning
    An adopted Plan can provide recommendations and funding priorities for local flood and drainage improvements.
  • Grant Application & Planning
    Federal grants can provide matching funds (75% to 90%) for hazard mitigation plans and projects.

  • RiskMAP Planning
    To involve your community with FEMA planning, identification of flood problems, solutions, and funding opportunities.
  • Emergency Action Planning
    An action plan with roles and responsibilities defined for key emergency personnel.
  • Community Rating System
    Can lower flood insurance premiums for your citizens by up to 45% annually.
  • Implementation Tools & Projects
    Mitigation tools and activities will improve your community’s resilience.

Did You Know?

A community without a plan but with recovery money will still take longer to recover than a community with both.
Don’t be left without a plan for your community’s future.
Let us help your community become the most resilient it can be!

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