We currently have the following career opportunities available:

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Senior Engineer
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Water resource engineering services to include HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, and storm sewer analysis.  Assist with the analysis and management of FEMA Risk Map and Cooperating Technical Partner projects.  Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis to include modeling, master drainage planning, groundwater analyses, dam breach analyses, flood insurance studies, FEMA map revisions, ODOT bridge hydraulics, and related projects.

Project Manager / Civil Engineer
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
General civil engineering design services including municipal, County, and ODOT roadway; commercial/industrial site development; and stormwater modeling and design projects.

Engineering Intern II
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Assists in the production of construction plans or stake out files for projects such as airports, bridges, channels, dams, railroads, and roadways.  Requires proficiency in drafting techniques including the use of CAD software and a working knowledge of standard surveying practice and note taking.  Should have experience in field inspection of construction techniques and materials.

CADD Technician/Drafter II
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Assists the engineers and surveyors in the surveying and planning of construction projects, such as airports, bridges, channels, dams, railroads, and roadways.  Uses AutoCAD to prepare surveys for design and drafts of construction plans, cross sections, profiles, right-of-way plats, and other reports and documents to clearly illustrate the project for the contractors, resident engineer, and others involved in the project.


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