Aerial and Mobile LiDAR

For three decades, Meshek & Associates, LLC has been committed to providing quality land surveying and GIS services to our clients. In our ongoing effort to remain on the forefront of surveying and mapping technology, we have added both aerial and terrestrial based mobile LiDAR scanning to our growing list of geospatial capabilities.


Our state-of-the-art UAV system combines lightweight, on-board survey grade GPS, FOG Inertial Measurement Unit, and a 32-laser Velodyne LiDAR scanner to ensure high accuracy data at unparalleled collection rates. This simultaneously provides:

  • Large, detailed datasets collected at 700,000 points per second with point densities up to 600 points/m²
  • Scan speeds up to 65 miles per hour
  • Non-invasive practices that enhance worksite safety
  • Options for high resolution Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry
  • Efficient workflows that exceed the demands of time-intensive projects.

Field operations are supported by our fully staffed Survey and GIS departments that utilize a collection of post-processing software to assure our data meets all applicable spatial data standards.


Meshek’s Professional Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, GIS Professionals, Pilots, and Right-of-Way Acquisition specialists each contribute a unique knowledge and skillset that make us the right choice for virtually any surveying, mapping, or GIS application.